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Current Exhibition

15 July - 15 October 2014: SAHARA Did you know that the Sahara is home to crocodiles and luminous scorpions? Sahara, the exhibition, will bring the archaeology, history, geography and cultures to life. The display will feature a vast array of unique Rock Art engravings and paintings from the area. Funded by: National Lottery Distribution Fund (NLDTF) Institut Français South Africa

Special Tours

DNA Testing Tour for 10 or more people, please email or call shop@origins.org.za / 011 717 4700.


We have just accessioned some beautiful embroidery and crafts from around the country into our shop. Pop in and see these new crafts, as well as our unrivalled selection of books related to Africa.


Join us for the opening of Hare(i)tage on Thursday 11 September from 17:30

“Absolutely magnificent museum and conception” - Andrew Miller, Imperial College, London. 2009

“Fantastic experience. Will be back” - Dr Tony Campbell, St. Andrews University, Scotland. 2010.

“Very impressive. Extremely interesting. Brilliant!” - Sally Burrow and David Thomas, Oxford University, 2008

“Great visual displays and audio. Thank you.” - Professor Martin Steer, University College, Dublin, 2008.

“Very interesting. I enjoyed the rich amount of information. Fascinating exhibits” - Sandra Sanneh and Richard Dodd, Yale University. 2010